How to master interpersonal dynamics, foster kindness, and establish your school as a beacon of light in your community. 
March 1-2, 2022
Live & in-person at the Lakeside Terrace in Boca, Florida
Drive More Impact In Your Community.
Be Inspired By A Network Of Peers.
Deliver Higher Quality Care.
Build A Team Of Leaders.

You’re sitting in your office, trying to pull your thoughts together to respond to an email from a parent. 

After searching for what feels like an eternity for the right words, you finally have an insight. 

But just as you begin to type, the door opens and a teacher walks in, huffing and puffing as she plops in front of you with a loud sigh.

“What's up?” you stop typing and say.

“Oh, don't even ask!” she replies.

Nevertheless, she then launches into a 20-minute tirade of everything that’s gone wrong in her day. 

After kindly listening, your brain and emotions need some regrouping. But there’s no time for that. You have to lead a tour in a few minutes, and after that you have a meeting with the board. 

What if this scenario could play out a different way?
  • What if the teacher emotionally regulated herself before she came into your office?
  • ​What if emotional regulation was the standard in your school?
  • What if you didn't have drama and intense emotions floating around the halls?
  • ​What if you didn't constantly hear excuses for other people's behavior? 
  • ​What if you felt comfortable setting boundaries that preserve your time and energy?

Imagine your team

  • Doing and thinking “outside the box,” and trying new methods.
  • ​Pushing out of their comfort zones without anxiety.
  • Feeling a sense of community and connection at work.
  • ​Treating conflict and change as an opportunity for growth
… all so you can be equipped to tackle any challenging situation that comes your center’s way.

Let’s be honest: To truly impact our kids and create a healthy, engaged, and successful next generation, we need to be better leaders. 

And that requires real collaboration—moments where we come together to share our wisdom in order to create healthy, productive learning communities.

Join us at the Summit of Excellence in Florida

At the live Summit Of Excellence, we will address issues of conflict, emotional resilience, regulation, and the challenges of interpersonal work head-on. 

Every interaction with staff, children, and families has the opportunity to create connection and reframe negative feelings around conflict … or drive a bigger wedge between everyone involved.

Conflict is part of any healthy relationship. When two people come together every day, week after week, month after month ... there will be moments of conflict. It’s part of being human. 

You won’t always have the same perspective as the other person. So it’s imperative to learn the skills necessary to make conflict constructive, collaborative, and an opportunity for connection. Making this a part of your center’s culture is a hallmark of building a school of excellence. 

When you and your team have the right skills and practice them regularly, everyone is able to contribute to a culture where conflict is accepted, managed, and used as a catalyst for growth.

The springboard for a school culture of contribution

At the Summit of Excellence you and your team will uplevel your skills and learn frameworks to:
  • Address conflict in the moment, instead of avoiding it or handing it off to someone else.
  • ​Instill an attitude of empathy to better understand others’ perspectives and more easily resolve conflict.
  • Build relational intelligence to communicate with all stakeholders in a way that contributes positively to school culture. 
  • ​Take more personal ownership and have the scripts and tools to advocate for themselves while guiding difficult conversations. 
  • ​Build a team of leaders who adopt the practices of conflict management with self-awareness and emotional intelligence, creating a positive ripple effect throughout the entire community. 
You’ll learn six key skills to create a successful early learning center: 
  • Boundaries
  • Relationship intelligence
  • ​Individual advocacy
  • Discernment
  • Generosity
  • Emotional regulation
These 6 skills are the BRIDGE. 
Every interaction in your school has a beginning and an end. 

The BRIDGE is the connecting point of each interaction. 

During our two days together, you’ll learn to put BRIDGE skills into action to:
  • Empower your team
  • Navigate conflict with ease
  • Create a relaxed and safe environment 
  • ​Generate greater trust and communication between team members
  • Create more fulfillment (and eliminate the exhaustion) in your workplace

As the world continues to become more polarizing, we have a role as leaders to bring our communities together.

We have a responsibility to children to model how to communicate with each other.
We must light the way for the next generation and teach them how to: 
  • Handle conflict respectfully and productively.
  • ​Show up with kindness even when we disagree with someone.
  • ​Make choices that use discernment and prioritize what’s best for the school.
  • ​Create boundaries that support everyone involved.
True collaboration—whether between leaders and staff, parents and teachers, or centers and students—nurtures an environment of trust, empathy, and accountability. 

It creates an atmosphere of communal energy, collaboration, and connection, which ultimately leads to better team retention, increased enrollment in your center, more engaged parents, and better brand awareness.

"This is really the best professional development event that I have found. I’ve gone to a lot of conferences and this one is beyond just getting information."

 - Barb Labotka 

"Chanie has been an inspiration to me and has helped us attain goals we’ve not been able to attain in the past. She’s been an incredible mentor and has led us on a path of really committing to making our school one of excellence. 

The return on my investment for this event… I don’t even know how to put the words to that. It’s worth every single penny! This is a premium experience."

 - Sharon Hopson

"There’s a lot of positive energy here. Chanie does a really good job of hand-picking and curating everyone who ends up here. They’re open-minded and come ready to work. There’s a lot of camaraderie because everyone is here for the same reason."

 - Deb Anaya

It wouldn’t be a Schools of Excellence event without some excellent speakers

Vernon Mason
Beth Canon
Scott Wayman
Kathe Petchel 

Not only will you leave the event inspired, but you’ll also have the opportunity to practice your new skill sets in real time.

You and your team will leave Florida with new insights, abilities, tools, and frameworks relevant to the specific challenges of your center.
We emphasize hands-on experience and putting ideas into action. 

We put a lot of thought into how the program is laid out (right down to the seating chart!) to ensure you are next to leaders in a similar stage of growth, so you can build your network. 

"The event is absolutely worth the investment. The way Chanie simplifies information to make it usable by’s priceless."

 - Amy Lamb

"There are so many hats we have to wear as the owner or director of a school. Different situations just kept coming to me… and in Chanie’s talk about The Ripple Effect, she really honed in on these different areas. A lot of what she shared at this event really hit home."

 - Marjorie Mallard

"Even though we don’t have a huge budget at our school, there has never been a doubt in my mind about this event. It’s very powerful and exactly what I need."

 - Nicole Langdo

Have questions about this event? We’ve got answers!

When is the Summit of Excellence 2022 taking place?

The Summit of Excellence 2022 will be held on Tuesday, March 1st and Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022 at the Lakeside Terrace in Boca, Florida. 

How much is the conference?

Your investment for the 2-day event is $2,200.

For those who purchased a ticket for the 2020 event that ended up being canceled due to COVID-19, please reach out to to put your ticket credit towards this event.

What will the VIP option include and how much will it cost?

The VIP experience is different from a typical VIP conference experience. After all, this year is unique and our conference will reflect that in every way. The VIP experience is all about connection and energy restoration in a way that you won’t find anywhere else.This is not about more content and learning, rather a uniquely curated immersive experience that will leave you grounded and connected to yourself, your mission, and your community. 

There are 3 parts to your VIP pass:

(1) Professional headshots. You'll get a file after the event with your headshots to use for your website and social channels.

(2) VIP evening on Tuesday, March 1 from 6-8 pm. Here is what you can expect:

 - Southern-style theme (dress up)
 - Live entertainment and group activity
 - Fine dining dinner
 - Campfire and s'mores bar 
 - Cocktail hour (open bar)

(3) Follow-up call with you & your admin team after the event for implementation.

The cost for the VIP day is $500 per person. Only 30 spots are available.

Where will the conference be held?

The conference will be held at the Lakeside Terrace in Boca, Florida.

Are meals included?

As always, breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided in abundance to meet your dietary needs for both days of the conference as well as the VIP experience.

How do I purchase a ticket?

To purchase your ticket, click here. Please submit one checkout page per attendee.

What is your COVID-19 policy?

We respect everyone's private medical history. We encourage you to make your own informed decision and protect yourself as is best fit for you. There are no requirements on how you wish to participate during our event.

Who should attend?

We believe that the skills you’ll be learning at this event are best practiced in a team format, rather than in isolation. 

These tools are best integrated into your workplace when everyone invests time into the process. Organizational buy-in brings these skills to life at your center.  

We do offer a discount to any center bringing multiple team members to the event. After purchasing your first ticket, you will receive a confirmation email with a special code that will allow you to purchase additional tickets at a discounted rate.

This is an intimate event. We are taking a maximum of 100 attendees, so be sure to reserve your seat early.

What if I want to bring my spouse or other team members?

We welcome however many guests you’d like. After you’ve purchased your initial ticket, you will receive a coupon code in your confirmation email to purchase additional tickets at a discounted rate. 

How will this conference be similar or different from Chanie’s past conferences?

The 2022 Summit will deliver the same value as ever, but will be a more intimate experience. Unlike our past events, this one will be limited to 100 attendees.

What time will the conference start and end?

The conference will begin around 8am and end around 5pm each day.

Which airport should I fly into & what is the best time to book my flights?

Please book your flights to land in the Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL). We do suggest that you arrive on February 28, if possible, as our event sessions begin promptly at 8am on March 1. This will also allow for any delays that may happen when traveling. Our event ends at 5pm on Wednesday, March 2.

This airport is 45 minutes from the venue via car.

As always, please do some research for your local airport and the Fort Lauderdale airport for travel advisories. These do change often, so ensure that you do check a day or two before you fly.

Where should I book lodging?

We will be staying at the Hilton Boca Raton. The group rate for all conference attendees is $239/night. When coming in a large group like 3+, we recommend checking out local Airbnb's as it may be more cost effective for you.

How can I get around Florida?

Uber and Lyft are easy to use in Florida, with a very minimal wait time. You can also rent a car if you prefer.

Have additional questions?

Please email so we can help you out.

Now you might be thinking … 

Is this event really worth taking time out of the office instead of keeping our boots on the ground? 
Great question.

First, I encourage you to listen to this video from other leaders just like you who have attended our past summits.

Second, I KNOW it’s not easy to step away from the day-to-day operations of your center.

After having mentored hundreds of other early childcare leaders, I also know that the pursuit of excellence in your school is an ongoing process. It doesn’t happen without intentional, dedicated time focused on the development of your team. And this time needs to be AWAY from the center. 

There is nothing that can replicate dropping into conversations happening in small groups where you hear the exact right thing that will make a big difference in your center. 

These moments don't happen in a Zoom room. They happen in person, around the table, or at the cocktail hour. 
Let me ask you this:

How much time is it costing YOU, right now, to keep being the one who has to swoop in to handle difficult conversations and conflict when your team avoids it?

How many of your school goals are you sacrificing by being the person on the phone navigating a conflict with a parent that your directors or admin can (and should be) handling?

How much energy and emotional bandwidth is required from you every time you have to step in when your team doesn’t manage challenging situations as well as you’d like them to?

What is the true cost to your center when your team complains, lacks empathy or the ability to understand others’ perspectives, and constantly looks to you for all the solutions?

We don’t always understand these costs. Because most of the time, it's not a direct or immediate impact to the financials. 

But you know that it’s still costing your center when these things are happening:
  • Racing thoughts at night worrying about work.
  • Constantly moving, on-the-go, and racing to catch up.
  • A tight schedule with no padding because there is just too much to do. 
  • ​No end in sight to the constant barrage of people to train, things to do, and deadlines to meet. 
So I ask you to reflect: what is the long-term impact on your children when they are being led by staff who struggle with emotional regulation and boundaries? 

Now, imagine a future for your center that looks something like this:

When a conflict arises among two teachers, you watch them lean into the discomfort. You see them make eye contact and talk out their frustrations. They stay with it, and neither of them engage in fight or flight. It's a moment you’re tempted to record ... but you don't. You just observe with a twinkle in your eye, a small smile on your face, and an ease in your heart: “My team has got this!” 

You stand in a state of calm that is devoid of agitation or commotion. You are confident and find delight in the ordinary and beautiful moments that make up leading a learning center. You ask the right questions of your team, and invite them to be accountable for their own development and take personal responsibility. 

Thanks to the new frameworks and tools available to your entire team, your staff stops blaming each other and embraces generosity. 

This isn't a zero-sum game. Everyone is cheering for each staff member. And, they stop playing the victim and instead lead from a place of self-respect and a desire to share and celebrate with others.

They advocate for what they need before bringing an issue to you. They practice discernment and manage up when needed. They lead with kindness and demonstrate a willingness to be on the team and go to bat for each other. 

And in return, you’re able to stay focused on the big picture. The visionary projects that only YOU can do.
Your center becomes known for having a true partnership among all stakeholders—the students, the parents, the teachers, and the entire staff. And it becomes a beacon of light and hope for all who engage with your school. 

Would all that be worth taking a couple of days away from your center?

If the answer is a resounding “Yes!!!!” then this event is definitely one you won’t want to miss.


At Schools of Excellence, we understand that you spend the whole year working hard for the success of your center. 

At the summit, you get to be inspired, you get to dream, and someone else is taking care of you and pouring into your bucket. 

You can sit back.
You can relax your shoulders. 
You can take a big deep breath.

We got you! 
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